Le Coffee Ride Exploration Saddle Bag Beige 2.0

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Le Coffee Ride Exploration Saddle Bag 2.0 is a 10L water resitant carrier bag that can be mounted to most bicycle saddles using the easy clip stystem and streps.
Designed in house and handmade in Roumania Europe, it features the

Cordura Fabric, a strongly resistant material used for army trousers or outdoor bags.
Combined with the water resitant inner bag your items are well protected against the elements and you can store and remove your equipments easily at all times.
Elastic streps on top and bottom of the bag allow extra storage.
Backside reflecting streps are made to be seen. They come with a center hole to clip an extra light if needed.

Available in black and beige.

The 2.0 Beige saddle & frame bags are made from a new clear beige Cordura fabric, see picture 2 which is slidely brighter than the 1.0 version on the other pictures.


  • Cordura water resitant fabric
  • Water resitant internal cargo bag
  • Easy velcro seat post fixation strep
  • Elastic streps top and bottom for extra fixation
  • Average capacity 10L
  • Designed in Belgium – Made in EU

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