One of the main cycling destination in Europe is no doubt Mallorca. The island is a real jewel, offering a lush nature, mountains, views, nice roads, beach life and a mediterranean climate.

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When to go? 


Autumn and spring are the two seasons offering a steady sunny weather out of the summer heatwaves. They are also the two most crowded periods for cyclists.

The winter is a more tricky season but can sometimes offer pretty decent conditions. Mornings are really chilly, but the afternoons can be quite warm compare to our Belgian winter weather. If you plan a Mallorca trip in winter, the best is probably to make a last minute reservation, and keep an eye on the weather forecast.

Where to stay?


The island isn’t too big, you can cross it by car in an hour max.

One good basecamp is Sineu and around, as it is central on the island. From there, you can organize rides all around the island without needing a car to drop you or pick you up to avoid too long rides.

If you prefer staying at the seaside, the capital Palma offers city life and beach vibes. Palma is a very dynamic city, you’ll find there so many trendy or authentic places for coffees, restaurants and shopping. A few cities around it, like El Arenal are also quite well known as cyclists basecamp but a bit less authentic.

From Palma, you can plan rides to the center of the island for rides without too much level difference, or go for the North of the mountains in the region of Andratx in the South, or even to Soller. If you feel like discovering the Northest point Formentor, it might then become a much longer ride, or you’ll need a drop off.

Cycling and specialty coffees


Of course, you’ll find nice spots to get a specialty coffee during your rides, such as :

  • Sa Mola : probably the one you don’t want to miss. As you might have heard the episode of The Creative Cyclist about his founder Jan Eric Schwarzer, the coffee bar was opened in 2011 by the ex professional cyclist living on the island. The coffee bar is also a showroom for the Standard bikes and a guesthouse, SA 13.
  • Rapha Mallorca Clubhouse : At the heart of the city of Palma, you’ll find Rapha products, specialty coffees, and rides are organized from there.
  • Plumo : also to be found in the city of Palma, Plumo is a coffee shop, but also a workshop specialized in old school bikes. It’s an atypical place to visit and maybe the perfect place to seek some hard to find spare pieces for an older bike project you have.

Routes & GPX :


  • Formentor (up North)

This ride takes you from Sineu to the upmost North point of the island. The route takes you there going by the Coll de Sa Batalla, and then up and down on roads surrounded by the sea on both sides, you’ll reach the lighthouse.

Lunch or coffee at the beachfront of Alcudia after all the climbing and before going back flat to Sineu is always a good idea.

Find route gpx here

  • Sa Batalla and Sa Calobra (North side of the mountain area)

The first climb of the Coll de Sa Batalla is a mellow climb (7,8km with 5% average) in the forest. At the top you’ll find a pomp station, very frequented by cyclist for a coffee and a bite. Then the ride takes you to one of the most impressive road of the island : Sa Calobra. It goes down to the sea in an infinite amount of switchbacks.

Find route gpx here

  • Coll de Sòller and the corniche (middle of the mountain area)

The route takes you from Sineu, through the mountains and the lovely village of Bunyola, to the cliffs of Deia, hidden between two mountain sides, and the coastal road. Most of the way to Deia is about climbing, and you’ll get back down from there to the center of the island.

Find route & gpx here

  • South Corniche

The route stats at the beachfront in Palma, takes you up in the mountains to the probably most famous corniche of the island. This ride is a mellow succession of climbs and downhills, crossing small villages at the bottom, before going back up the cliffs. In the village of Banyalbufar, you’ll find the perfect coffee stop, with a 2 meters large coffee/ice place in a street facing the sea.

Find route & gpx here

  • Coffee Ride inland

This one takes you back and forth to the coffee place Sa-Mola, towards the Majorcan countryside, orange and lemon trees, sheep and pigs.

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