Furka Pass

We often think about the Alps when planning a ski holiday for the winter period or when the Tour de France is on during summer.

Off Season ?

Exploring cols during late spring or autumn can be a unique experience. The changing colors of the foliage create a stunning backdrop against the majestic mountain peaks. Autumn is a quieter time compared to the peak tourist season, allowing for a peaceful and serene experience with nature.

Closed roads ?

As the weather conditions can change rapidly, making sure to study the weather up front is necessary as you don’t want to be isolated above 2000 meters in a snowstorm.

Most Alp passes are closing somewhere in early November until late spring.
Depending on the weather conditions in the fall period, a mountain pass can be closed during the night, for a few days or permanently until next year.
For daily updates about this matter we recommend to check the following website https://alpen-paesse.ch/

About the area 

For this October trip we stayed in Andermatt, a charming Swiss village located in the canton of Uri, in the heart of the Swiss Alps at the footsteps of some of the most prestigious cycling climbs such as,

1. Furka Pass: Starting from Andermatt, the Furka Pass is a classic cycling climb. It reaches an elevation of 2,429 meters and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

2. Gotthard Pass: Another iconic climb, starting near Andermatt. It reaches an elevation of 2,091 meters (6,860 feet) and provides a historic and challenging route with stunning cobblestone switchbacks.

3.Oberalp Pass: This climb begins in Andermatt and takes you to the Oberalp Pass at an elevation of 2,044 meters. It offers a mix of challenging gradients and beautiful landscapes.

  1. Nufenen Pass: Starting from Andermatt, the Nufenen Pass is the highest paved mountain pass in Switzerland, reaching an elevation of 2,478 meters. It is known for its demanding ascent and rewarding panoramic views.

    Book a stay in Andermatt ?

    Andermatt has seen recent development with the addition of luxury hotels, restaurants, and recreational facilities.
    Finding a place to stay during the off season is easy.