Charleroi Velodrome

Situated in the province of Hainaut in southwestern Belgium. Charleroi is approximately 50 kilometers south of the capital city Brussels.

The city’s history is closely tied to its industrial development, particularly in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It was a major center for coal mining and steel production during this period.

In recent years, Charleroi has undergone significant urban renewal efforts to revitalize the city and improve its infrastructure. These projects have aimed to make Charleroi a more attractive and livable city.

Although these effort, the abandoned cycling track is an example among many more large infrastructures of the past which got forgotten somehow.

The last organized races date back in the early 2000’s , ever since the concrete as deteriorate making the location a true urbex experience.

The official access to the race track has been closed but you might find a way in around the track somehow or ask at the neighbour football club for an entrance to the velodrome.