Stefan Bolt

Welcome to episode 22 of season 2.
We sit together with Stefan Bolt also known as @steviethunderbolt, co-host of the well-known Dutch Live Slow Ride Fast Podcast !

Stevie as he is called is a cycling enthusiast who started the show with former pro cyclist Laurens ten Dam back in March 2018.
Very quickly their innitiative grew to the top list of Podcast in the Netherlands combining the love of suffering on the bike with the good things of the bike.

In this episode we talk about the recent world championships in Leuven and Paris Roubaix, how Stevie and Laurens met each other,
where the name live slow ride fast came from,
how the project evolved into a proper media company combining events, apparel and racing, their adventure in the migration gravel race in Kenya and much more !

Enjoy the chat !

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