Delving into the day to day life of creatives, we are very excited to share their experience and road path with you and hope it will bring you any value or just some nice listening time.

In episode # 9 we get to meet a well-known Character from Social Media Mr. Sean Sakinofsky better known as Sean Sako @sean_sako

I got in contact with Sean last year while working for Look Bikes for which he is one of their main ambassadors.

In this episode we talk about how riding is like in South Africa, we share our thoughts on gravel riding, the benefits of social media for the cycling world, how Sean grew his following to what it is today, how the shift in attention moved from tv and magazines to social media, the marketing spending of brands, If you can make a living around your Instagram account and much more,

Thanks for being around I hope you will enjoy this next chat.

Podcast notes :

A day in the life of a minimalist by Matt D’Avella

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@sean_sako / Dnaphotographers / @sako7