George Hincapie

In this new episode we sit together with former American Pro rider George Hincapie, George is a world class rider who made a name for himself by being one of the main figures each year during the spring classics as well as being alongside Lance Armstrong as one of his main team mates during their seven Tour victories.

In this episode we talk about George his background, his apparel company, his hotel domestique located in south Carolina, his friendship with Lance Armstong, the trek bikes from the US Postal squad, The Move Podcast and much more,

If you want to support us, this podcast is part of Le Coffee Ride, where besides running a hotel and cafe in the Belgian Ardennes, we develop our cycling apparel brand Le Coffee Ride Apparel that you can buy online or by visiting us.

If you haven’t yet make sure to check out G Hincapie on social, his domestique boutique hotel located in South Carolina and check out The Move Podcast he is hosting together with Lance,

enjoy this next episode !

07-07-2004: Tour de France, stage 4 – Team time trial – US Postal crossing the finishline – George Hincapie and Lance Armstrong celebrating the victory. (Photo by Lars Ronbog/FrontzoneSport via Getty Images)

Foto credits @ghincapie  @hincapiesports @gettyimages