A chat with Martijn van Strien,
Martijn is a 31 years old creative filmmaker and passionate cyclist from the Netherlands.
He is mostly known from his Youtube chanel Fernwee where he has been documenting his journey as a rider making vlogs and short films.
Starting on a father and son bike trip, sharing is progress in crit races and crazy bike trips with his friends he managed to get connected with a lot of brands and doing so moved a few years later to a full time position making a living around his content creation.

In this episode we talk about who Martijn is,
where the idea came from to start a Youtube chanel,
what inspired him most in cycling,
how he managed to get in contact with brands such as Maap & Focus,
how hard it is to produce weekly videos,
what the Ride Beyond project is about,
how he managed to generate income making his films
and much more.

Want to follow to episode in a video form you can see it below featuring on Martijn his Youtube chanel, make sure as well to check out the beautiful cycling travel videos he has made of all his bike trips make sure to visit his Youtube chanel Fernwee.

Enjoy the episode !

Foto credits @mikevliestra @fernwee.cc