Cyril C around the world

Welcome to season 2, episode 18 !

We sit together with Dutch cyclist Cyril Chermin @serialcee, a creative soul who combines his work as a freelance copyrighter with his passion for bike traveling while writing cycling related content for brands such as Shimano and Brooks but also for the well known Dutch cycling blog called ‘ Racefietsblog to name a few.

We touch base on his experience in cycling, especially about bike packing for months riding from Amsterdam to Tokyo, how to prepare, how to stay safe camping in the middle of nowhere, how he organize his work in combination with his cycling adventures and much more,

Enjoy the chat !

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Instagram account about the Amsterdam Tokyo trip @team_oufti
Amsterdam Tokyo website click here
Cyril wrote a book @zowerktdatdaar
Cyril talked about a book about travelers riding accross Asia in 1890, find more info here