Pas Normal Ride

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Welcome to the Pas Normal Ride !
Under the guidance of Steven Hendricks and Felix Wyns Ambassadors at PNS, Le Coffee Ride hosted a late season ride, open for everybody to join.

After climbing up Wanne, Stockeu and Mont Le Soie, you will head on higher plateaus with less crazy hills before going to the most quiet spots of the Ardennes.
Wibrin ( 80 km ) might be a good place for a refuel before climbing up again crossing the E25 and heading on quiet roads to Vielsalm.
From there you could cut of through the valley back to coo or do the final loop going up Saint Jacques , crossing the top of l’Ancienne Barrière before heading down Brûmes crossing Trois Ponts back to Coo.
Route credits : Steven Hendricks @stehqq
LEVEL : Advanced

Total distance: 139655 m
Max elevation: 612 m
Total climbing: 2707 m