Gileppe Gravel

This gravel exploration ride strats at the parking of the Gileppe Lake ( 25 min from Le Coffee Ride by car ) for a 3h gravel loop in the area.

Being such an amazing ride from the start following a unique gravel path atllong side the lake ( when the water is low ) it felt like riding in a moon landscape toward the climb bringing us on the rooftop of Belgium which is wonderfull as well.
We went all around the Signal de Botrange and back down to La Gileppe.

Below you can download the gpx file if you feel like trying it out.
Be aware this gpx is the ‘ draft ‘ version of our ride with one or two u turn due to the hunting season but nothing else to crazy.

Image credits @visit.ardenne & @sightseeingstan

Total distance: 67773 m
Max elevation: 657 m
Total climbing: 1078 m