Lets say by the time you read this post, the ice and the snow might be long gone from central Europe !
This epic gravel loop starting in Brussels City was guided mid February by local riders @yoo_gi & @vincent.mailh

Starting South, It takes you quickly out of the city crossing the famous parks from La Cambre down toward Waterloo passing some amazing remote country side groads and single tracks.

Next is a field cross over the huge garden from the Hulpe Castle before heading toward the Soignes forest.

Freezing our hands off we though about the idea riding this loop in summer on a sunny aftnernoon.
Finishing at the nice bar with a beer and a burger !

Feel free to hit up Ugo and Vince on IG and share your experience if you went out doing this loop !


Total distance: 64510 m
Max elevation: 133 m
Total climbing: 827 m