Belgian Groads

A new gravel loop added for the spring opening that as it all in one !

Local crew member @colinelst98 has set up this rides making it one of our best groads so far !

You can expect beautifull remote valleys, gorges, waterfalls, several epic view points over the valleys, a few hautes fagnes gravel stretches and several brasseries along the way, what more to ask ?

Must see along the way,

  • KM 11,7 – Roché de Warche ( view point from a rock over the valley on your right 50m from the route )
  • KM 15,2 – Roché de Falize ( view point from a rock over the valley on your left 50 m from the route )
  • KM 25 – Warche valley
  • KM 30 – Bayehorn gorge & waterfall ( Brasserie on your left side )
  • KM 35 – Highest brewed beer of Belgium – Brasserie Peak,
    150m from the route on your right cfr
  • KM 54 – Belgian Downhill park at La Ferme Libert where you can also stop for a drink or snack, if not needed ignore this stop.
  • KM 65 – Here you can chose to ride easy back to the HQ following the ravel and take a right after the tunels in Trois Ponts, or follow the GPX route and go for the last little loop that brings you on one if not the most panorama views of Belgium passing the paragliding start points of Coo before heading down to the HQ.

    LEVEL : Intermediate , this ride should suit most gravel enthusiat offering proper gravel and a short cut possability at the end.

    Several drink and food stops along the way !

    Total distance: 76268 m
    Max elevation: 656 m
    Total climbing: 1114 m
    Total Time: 05:22:11