Autumn & Winter can be the best time of the year to ride in the Ardennes !
The natural landscape changes to a total different playground.
Road, MTB, Gravel & Enduro is all woth the trip.Live some epic experience and good vibes at the fire after a hot shower at the cafe.
As a team, club, group of friends or individual you can book a few days cycling trip in the Ardennes including night stay, breakfast, lunch, diner, bike storage, gpx routes, gps assistance, ect…

Le Coffee Ride offers comfortable accommodation with 2P, 3P and 4P bethrooms, breakfast, lunch and evening diner.

We have shower facilities in 3 rooms and modern common showers on the first floor.
Several toilets are available on each floor.

Pricing can variate a litle between high and low season.
Our standard rates find on as well are as below

Room rates

68 € ( 2P room )
99 € ( 3P room ) / 90 € booked directly
133 € ( 4P room ) / 120 € booked directly

Off season rates are as follow from 6 December till 23 December 2019 and from 22 February till 15 March

65 € ( 2P room )
80 € ( 3p room )
105 € ( 4p room )

Book you room directly with us and safe arround 10% from 3P and more.

Diner Options

Breakfast buffet 12,5 €
Group lunch buffet 15 €
Group Pasta diner 14 € / 17 € ( incl desert )
Group de luxe BBQ 25 €

Cycling, Belgian, and local beer tasting => we have a wide selection.

Not a group but like the idea of a cosy evening diner, please share your wishes, we usually have a evening diner on the agenda that you can join !

Fill in the form on your right to send us your reservation request, we will reach back to you as soon as possible.

Standard check is possible untill 8pm, coming in later simply let us know in advance.

Prepare your stay