Visé Sippenaken Visé

Home is where we are riding from currently.
In this ride we take you from our home town Visé in some of Belgium most beautiful bike regions all thought not particularly known.

Being just above the Ardennes the ‘ Fouron ‘ and ‘ Pays de Herve ‘ regions offer amazing bike scenery.
Quiet roads with short climbs between one and two km offering amazing views and switchbacks that will get you excited guaranteed !
It reminds us of Tuscany in some way !
Be aware we have a 1,5km smooth gravel portion after the first climb that is 100% doable with your road bike, so don’t be afraid just go for it, it is safe !

A great places to stop ( even during this Covid-19 period ) although it is at the beginning of the route, 2km after the gravel section on just before going down the ‘ Ulvend ‘ climb, you will find @tbakhuisvoeren on your right side.

Don’t hesitate to share your ride with us on Instagram if you went out doing it !
Download the route in GPX below.

Total distance: 80205 m
Max elevation: 285 m
Total climbing: 1281 m