This project is the continuation of many things,
a few of them is growing up in the area, riding our bikes on the hills that surround the café,
to hearing the term “ Coffee Ride “ for the first time in Christchurch New Zealand back in 2010.

Then came a name, a logo and a ‘#’ R I D I N G T O T H E C A G E
in line with the smartphone & social media generation we grow up in !

Riding to the café was a nice quote we believed that wasn’t used by anyone on Instagram.
It fitted perfectly with our concept of cycling café & hotel.

Finding the right espresso cups and sizes wasn’t easy entering this space.
Whit the help of our chosen Coffee brand Il Magistrale Cycling Coffee,
we got at the right place to have these quality Italian style coffee cups.

The ’ # ‘ridingtothecafe follow the project and branding in everything we do,
from advertising, banners, cycling wear, casual wear and our coffee cups off course.