Rapha Festive 500

Famous cycling apparel brand Rapha introduced their Festive500 challenge back in 2010.

Ride 500 km on your bike between Christmas and New-year.
The trend as grown pretty big year by year and many riders use it to get on the bike during the cold and sometimes wet days of December.

In combination with coffee brand Il Magistrale and Youtuber Martijn from @fernwee.cc we hosted and organized 4 rides in this period starting from the café that people could join when they liked.

Riders could get a shower and grap a drink or lunch after the rides and social gathering was at the rendez vous of course !

It was a great way to support all the riders who took on the challenge and could find some group rides and nice routes to complete their 500 km goal. We already look forward to rides of 2019 !

Martijn from @fernwee.cc made some vlogs and videos of each ride, find the video content about each ride through the links below,

Day 1 : The Perfect Day 120 km

Day 2 : High Peaks off road 62 km

Day 3 : Magistrale 500 100 km

Day 4 : Two Brewery Route 120 km

After movie