Coffee at home

Obviously we love to make and drink fine coffee.
Since the start we have been playing around with coffees going from single origins to unique blends and from espresso machine to filter coffee.

Today Le Coffee Ride offer two types of coffees at the cafe and for home use, a blend ( melange of 3 origins Kenya, Guatemala, Brazil ) and a single origin from Indonesia.
Both came to life with the support of Magistrale Cycling Coffee. A Dutch brand specialized in sourcing and roasting coffee mainly for the cycling community.

Le Coffee Ride labeled coffees came to life in 2019 when we wanted to take a deeper dive into the process behind the origin of the coffee we served.
From their origin, the trade, the way they are processed, the roasting aspect to the assembling of a unique Blend.

Doing so we mainly focussed on flavors we liked, the origins of the beens and the Q grade given to them witch gives a good indication of quality.
Several origins have been cupped choosing for specialty beens only.
You pay a bit more but the better result in flavour notes is undeniable.

Beside selecting and offering a single origin ( Indonesia currently ) we have created a unique blend putting three different origins together.
Specialty beens from Kenya 15% and Guatemala 40% with Brazilian beans 35%.

Both of these coffees are medium roasted and can be used for espresso machines, auto / semi-automatic, aero presses or filter coffee.
About the cupping process, it is a way to taste the flavors of roasted coffee by adding hot boiled water on grinded coffee in a glass on which using the right proportion you can first smell the top layer and after moving the foam away you can taste the top level of the coffee with a spoon.
During this tasting process while the temperature drop different flavors can be discovered.

About the Q grade, it is a so called SCAE score given by a q grader at the coffee harvest after cupping the coffee. The score given by this specialist determines the level of coffee.
Above 80 points it is considered as specialty coffee.

Do I need an expensive coffee machine ?Definatly not, for sure we love the look and feel of a Rocket Espresso, but don’t undermind the beauty and sweetness of a well served cup of filter coffee.
For less than 50 € you can find a manual grinder, which would be the most important tool we believe to start with.
Your beens are always fresh this way when grinded before brewing them into coffee.
Have a look for V60, Aeropress or Italian Bialetiti for example and search on Youtube for the right way to prepare your beverage.

Try Le Coffee Ride coffee at the HQ café or shop a 500 gr / 1kg bag of beens and try some at home.

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