Cycling & Coffee

The first time someone mentioned to me the term ” Coffee Ride ”  was in Christchurch, New Zealand, back in 2009 when some Kiwi team mates suggested a recovery ride along the coast with a coffee stop !

The speciality coffee scene was already a thing over there where as in Belgium still very small.
Then years later things have changed and as much as coffee and cycling is a thing, speciality coffee is becoming bigger and bigger in central Europe as well and more people now expect a coffee drink with a certain level of expertise.

We are super stoked working arround these two passions in our hotel, coffee and apparel buisiness.

Much more to aim for, to create, to give and to experience in the following years as the posssabilities are infinite !

Visit us and the beautiful area arround in est belgium, Stavelot, Liège only 1h30 from Brussels airport.


Photo credits : Alessandro Volders