Favorite Coffee

From the opening of Le Coffee Ride headquarter cafe & hotel we could count on the support of Bas, founder of Magistrale Cycling Coffee.
He has provided carefully selected single origins and assembled blends roasted by his own hands.

Later on we have work together to bring Le Coffee Ride favorite coffees to life taking a deeper dive into the process behind the making of coffee.
From their origin, the roasting process till the assembling of a unique Blend.

Doing so we have mainly focussed on flavors, origins and the Q grades of the beans keeping the roasting process in the hands of experts.
Putting together Le Coffee Ride first two espresso coffees we have looked at our favorite flavors going from dark chocolate to the sweat fruit tastes of blueberries and strawberries while keeping the acidity low.

Several origins have been cupped choosing for a specialty single origin coffee coming from Sidamo Ethiopia with a Q grade of 84/100.
We also looked at a second version bringing a unique Le Coffee Ride Blend to life combining specialty beans from Kenya 15% and Guatemala 40% with a Q grade of 82 and 86 together with fine Brazilian beans 35%.

Both of these coffees are medium roasted and made for espresso machines, auto / semi-automatic and aero presses.
The cupping process is a brut way to taste the flavors a coffee by adding hot boiled water on grinded coffee in a glass on which using the right proportion you can first smell the top layer and after moving the foam away you can taste the top level of the coffee with a spoon.
During this tasting process while the temperature drop different flavors can be tasted.

A Q grade is a so called SCAE score given by a q grader at the coffee harvest after cupping the coffee. The score given by this specialist determines the level of coffee.
Above 80 points it is considered as specialty coffee.

Try our coffee at our headquarter café or buy a 250gr or 1kg bags  of beens when you are around of online HERE