It’s been one year

Le Coffee Ride Birthday!

We made it through the first year, it’s been a blest, a lot of hard work but oh so worth it!
A big thank you to all of you who came a long so far and make it all possible.
Giving an interview about us last week, it was a nice way to take a break and think about why we do what we do, what motivates us and see the direction we are heading towards to.

We wanted to use this birthday article to share some of these thoughts.

‘What is the philosophy behind Le Coffee Ride ‘.

Le Coffee Ride may become a brand that stand for a certain style, values ​​and way of life.
The choices we are making stand in line with our personal values and lifestyle we wish to creat for ourselfs.
We for example choose to focus mainly on the weekends as we don’t aim to run a 7/7 hotel business necessarily.
Instead we build different products and services towards the future in combination with the growing community around the café & hotel.

We see the cycling hotel and café as a prefect base where real human authentic connections take place.
If we talk about a philosophy, it is the values and experiences that that can be found in a so-called “Coffee Ride”.

A combination of sport, lifestyle and social gathering.
No matter where you are in the world it’s a great way and pretty easy to get in contact with people. The beauty of it is that besides the sporting aspect which should stay the base, there is a big social aspect that comes along with it.
It also comes with a certain fashion style as in most lifestyle things, something that we love to play around with.

Thanks for being there and until soon!

Rachel & Jeroen

Images credits @ / Dimitri Desender